Charcoal Chicken platter (20 pieces)(GF)


Charcoal Chicken platter. Great alongside many of finger food menu items, especially for a luncheon style function. its finger licking good. Price is for 20 Pieces in total, beautifully presented on a platter.

Any special requirements?

You must try our amazing charcoal chicken Cooked with a special marinade — the exact ingredients remain a secret — our chicken is hugely popular with families and foodies alike.

Lemon, salt, oil and vinegar make up the base of the marinade, which is tweaked for improvement every few months.

What sets our charcoal chicken apart from the rest, is our commitment to keeping the chicken intact and moist.

An embodiment of the philosophy that food cooked simply and with love is matchless.

You will love our Middle Eastern-style chicken.

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