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New food Trends “Yakitori”

By July 2, 2015Catering Blog
Prawn skewers Sydney caterer

While kebabs were made big by the expertly trained Turkish chefs, this sort of skewering is making us want to punch things.

Yakitori. Say it with us.

So wait, what could we be so yummy that sounds so yucky…

It’s not about throwing a shrimp or sausages with onions to fire up the BBQ. But it’s just as ridiculous.

Yakitori is a treatment, also known as “grilled chicken” (The chicken is usually grilled on charcoal, and a small skewer is put through it, it is very similar to a chicken satay in many ways.) it perks up those boring BBQs.

It is especially popular in Japan, but is also popular in China. Yakitori is considered a street food. It uses the Chicken skin, thighs, wings, gizzards, hearts and the like smoked over charcoal with a side of sake.

Things on sticks. We love them, especially for catering platters.

So how is it done,

Put mirin, soy sauce, sugar and garlic, if using, into a medium-sized sauce pan, and cook over medium heat until there is only half as much sauce remaining.

Let cool slightly while you are preparing the chicken.

Cut chicken into bite-sized pieces; keeping the skin on is usual in Japan.

Thread chicken onto skewers, alternating with green onion if desired.

Begin grilling the chicken skewers on both sides without the sauce, when the meat starts changing color, brush the sauce on both sides, and continue grilling, brushing on sauce about 3 times total, and turning until done.

The result super tasty skewers packed with flavor. It was certainly the most exciting way to eat chicken on a grill.

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