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Christmas Catering: Unique Office Christmas Party Ideas

By December 4, 2018Catering Blog

Although Down Under doesn’t turn into a classic snowy Christmas wonderland like the entire Northern Hemisphere does at this time of the year, we enjoy the holiday season just the same.

At the office, this is a time for bonding; finally, we get to celebrate the successful professional year that’s behind us, rounding it up with an office Christmas party organised to let people relax in an otherwise quite hectic environment.

The short watercooler chitchat is moved to the buffet, and homemade, warmed up Tupperware-packed lunches are replaced with hot food platters and Christmas carvery menu that captures the magic of everyone’s favourite holiday.

How to organise an office Christmas party and enjoy the summer vibes on the far south?  Continue reading to find out how to enrich the buffet to meet everyone’s taste.

Traditional Christmas meal

When we think of Christmas, we imagine a table filled with sliced turkey breast, baked ham, roasted chicken, and baked potatoes.

Both red and white wine should accompany these dishes so that people can select one or the other. If traditional is what you are going for, be sure to match your decorations – a large Christmas tree in the corner, with colourful lights hung all around the room, alongside Christmas stockings filled with treats that you can give out to each of your employees.


BBQ platter for a warm Christmas

Although not a first choice for a winter holiday season – Australia is not like your every other winter wonderland. We enjoy plenty of sun and high temperatures, which means that for us, the barbecue season has only started.

At Fast and Fresh catering, we had the pleasure to organise a number of BBQ-themed office Christmas parties. You can host it inside or outside on the balcony where people can enjoy the beautiful weather while sipping beer and nibbling on the marinated chargrilled skewers and a refreshing salad.

Refreshing nutritious brunch

Thinking of organising an early brunch? Then what better way to start a day than with a nutritious platter of fruit skewers, or some grapes paired with your favourite cheeses or deli sliced meats, such a platter is best accompanied by light complementary cocktails.

Special diet menu

To ensure no one stays hungry, you need to consider people who are on some kind of a special diet. No matter the size of the company and the number of employees, someone is bound to be a vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, or allergic to certain dishes and ingredients.

At Fast & Fresh Catering, we have experience catering for companies of all sizes who requested our Dietary Preferences menu designed to offer a bit of something for everyone. When it comes to drinks, with such a diverse menu you have the freedom to serve a variety of bottles, and then have your guests enjoy the liquor they prefer the most.


Finally, don’t forget about your sweet-tooths, who are used to rounding up their meal with a slice of a cheesecake. If you’re unsure which deserts to go for, know that chocolate is almost everyone’s favourite, but like with the majority of other sweets – eating it on foot can be messy. For an office Christmas party, we always serve the sweets package in small bites, like fruit mince pies, tiny chocolate Christmas cupcakes, berry trifle in a cup, macaroons, and similar.

Office Christmas party tips

Aside from serving mouth-watering dishes, for a party to be a complete success, several other aspects need to be considered as well.

  • Ensure there is always enough plates, cutlery, and glasses, as people never carry around the first one they pick up and tend to go through several different plates for just one night. It is best to consult with the caterer on this matter, as they know from experience the average amount of supplies you need depending on the number of guests you’ll have.
  • Decide on the theme and pick your decorations, music, and food accordingly. Traditional all-white Christmas? Or maybe a complete opposite – a day-time party on the balcony under the sun? You can also check with your employees and see what the majority is in the mood for.
  • Many look forward to a relaxing, no-obligations Christmas party where they will have enough time to catch up with their colleagues and discuss topics that have nothing to do with work. However, it’s also a good idea to have a few side-activities planned to spruce up the atmosphere. You can set up a photo booth, put up a limbo stick, hang the picture of Rudolph and have someone blindfolded pin the nose, etc.
  • Organise Secret Santa a few weeks in advance and have people give out presents at the party.
  • Don’t forget to hire a photographer to capture the magic and create a lasting memory. Later you can hang the photos around the office and have them boost office spirit and elevate mood all year long.

Over to you

The moment the party starts, people are bound to gather around the food, sipping drinks, and enjoying the small talk they finally have the time for. Serve the dishes that will meet every single person’s expectations and needs, invest time into decorating the space to warm up the atmosphere, and set up different activities for those who would like to spice up their chitchat.

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