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Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers is now a brand that is recognised widely in the Australian dairy industry as an award winning, high quality product as witnessed in various competitions and is a symbol of what fresh Italian cheese should be.


Paesanella products are widely used in the hospitality industry from catering to fine dining restaurants and to the home kitchen. The Paesanella product range forms as an integral ingredient of many kitchens.

Paesanella creates a unique retail food experience just a few minute’s walk away from the existing factory in Marrickville, Sydney. The new deli offers a wide selection of the finest produce from Australia and around the world, specialising in cheeses and an extensive deli range. I was really excited to see Meave O’meara the fabulous food safari show host on our most recent visit to the deli.

At Fast and Fresh catering sydney we often have orders for large numbers of people like 150+ for end of year corporate events, 200+ for Birthday parties, cocktail parties for 100 people at corporate meetings, 50 for pharmaceutical hospital rep grand rounds and then there’s the corporate lunches on a weekly basis.  Having our finger on the pulse, we discovered Paesenalla the instant it opened.  Because of all our catering needs we head down there frequently and as we buy in bulk, and we absolutely love the quality and variety of what’s provided.

A great selection

When we first went we noticed they have laid the fridges out well, the fridges are lined with labelled baskets of cheese to choose from making the selection easy.


They have a large variety of cheeses some of them we have never heard nor can we pronounce. You can get your ricotta cheese cold or warm the freshest way possible. They also have a great selection of ricotta Pastizzis which is popular for our Hot finger food platter. The olives, come in all different colours with different tastes we always choose the kalamata for our Greek salads and Green olives for our Cold meats platter and Fruit and cheese platters.

Quality small goods are also stocked Here.  We found some from Greece. We took home some delicious dolmades to add to our Mezze platter. The dolmades tasted very authentic and well balanced.

Oils and vinegars

We were really pleased to find a great selection of extra virgin olive oils and some caramelised balasmic which is extremely popular for dressing our Fresh salads.

We visited Pasenalla thinking we would buy a couple of things but came away with a boot load.  This is a terrific deli shop and as a caterer, great that they offer fresh produce. Their produce is also available for the public to shop at as well and you can take advantage of the gourmet selections.  With our corporate catering and parties cranking up, we know we’ll be back to reload our delivery van.

Verdict:  Quality produce for the entertainer.

The store Paesanella emporium

150-152 Marrickville Road,
Marrickville, NSW 2204

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