Egg and Bacon Pies (min 24)


Our canapes quiche is freshly prepared in our kitchen. Our canapes quiche are pretty to look at, and easy to eat.

All of our quiche are made with fresh free range eggs and only the best ingredients. What’s wonderful about quiche is that it could easily be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Delicious, popular quiche flavours, ideal for parties and gatherings. scroll down for the varieties.

Recommended serving is 2-3 per person Vegetarian

Quiche Our Freshly baked Quiche bites are the perfect complement to other classic party foods.

You’re probably already familiar with quiche flavours. Rich, savory custard flecked with things like cheese and fresh vegetables baked in a buttery crust, quiche is the perfect canapes / finger food for company’s-coming brunches, lunches, and dinners. Whether you like yours with bacon or spinach, our canapes quiches will keep you and your guests happy.

We offer a tasty selection of quiche which you are sure to love, freshly made.


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