Gluten free, or Dairy Free/Vegan Nutella Strawberry Brownie kebabs (each)


Gluten free or Dairy Free / Vegan Nutella Strawberry Brownie kebabs Please indicate if you would like gluten free or vegan when ordering.

Add this desert to your lunch gathering.

You will totally be delighted with these yummy kebabs. They are perfect in hot weather, They look super cute and taste amazing.

Great for Valentines day.

Craving something sweet this summer? These chocolate covered strawberry brownie kebabs are sure to hit the spot! Chocolate covered strawberries have to be one of the best ways to enjoy summer

Nutella strawberry brownie kebabs filled with strawberries, marshmallows, brownies and chocolate! What more could you ask for?

When chocolate covered strawberries just aren’t enough… these nutella strawberry brownie kebabs deliver the best of both flavors in the cutest festive form.

Nutella. This is why these Strawberry Brownie Kebabs are perfect for the occasion. Or any occasion for that matter, you’re going to want to order them all the time.

Nutella Strawberry brownie kebabs are a good excuse to eat more Nutella … valentine’s heart is Strawberry brownie kebabs covered in Nutella.



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