Rustic Gourmet sandwiches (18 pieces)


Our gourmet sandwiches are made with Sonomo bread, come in 7 varieties and of course are full of premium filling options… see our fillings below. Price is for 9 sandwiches.


Our gourmet sandwiches are made with beautifully baked sliced bread come in 7 varieties with 20% vegetarian and of course are full of premium filling options. We will give you a selection of:

  1. Shawarma Chicken, Pickled Turnips and Hummus (Dairy Free)
  2. Danish salami, char-grilled capsicum, baby spinach and goats cheese
  3. Homemade falafel, Fresh Hummus, Pickled Turnips and fresh lettuce (vegan)
  4. Smoked salmon, sour cream, chives and baby spinach
  5. Chicken Schnitzel, Harrissa Mayonnaise, Fresh Slaw, crunchy lettuce

We recommend 1.5 to 2 sandwiches per person.

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