Healthy breakfast muesli pods Gluten Free (min 15 pods)(GF)


Our Muesli cups are made with Vanilla Yoghurt, Fresh passionfruit and crunchy muesli packed separately to maintain freshness and ready to eat served with spoons. These Cups are also Gluten Free.
Pricing is for 15 pods.

Looking for a healthy breakfast option?

You can’t get a much more healthy breakfast option than our freshly made delicious muesli pods. We serve them individually and ready to serve to your guests. Each pod comes with fresh fruit, toasted muesli & yogurt. We use with the most fresh and seasonal fruit. The muesli is toasted to enhance the flavours and provide a nice contrasting crunch to the cool yogurt.

We have a range of other healthy breakfast options including our breakfast vegetarian wraps and breakfast quiches.


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