IWD Fruit kebabs (GF/V/vegan/DF) (min 20 pieces)


IWD Fruit kebabs are a great way to enjoy fresh fruit without the mess, a great accompaniment for any lunch platter. Market fresh fruit for your enjoyment! Price is for 20 skewers. Recommended serving is 2 per person.

We use only the freshest seasonal fruit for your fruit kebabs, they are a fun way to get kids to eat fruit but also adults who could do with that extra motivation to eat fruit. They are totally fresh and tasty way to enjoy fruit perfect for the crowds.


IWD Fruit kebabs

Deliciously fresh and fruity – Fruit skewers are a great treat for children.

Fruit Skewers healthy snack recipe from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Let our kebabs be another of your nutritional trips without compromising on your taste buds

How to get kids to eat more fruit? Easy! Making it interesting…stacking fruit on a skewer is one of the easiest way …

Your kids will love this colourful and fun way to eat fruit. Try our kebabs today.

Get your 5-a-day in a fun way!

Finish the fruit kebabs with a fruity yoghurt topping for a refreshing platter at any time of year.

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