We have designed a kids party box which the kids will love, with a minimum of 20 for each.
Full of the following yummy things:
  1. Golden Circle fruit Drink 250ml
  2. Rainbow Jelly Cup
  3. Kids Doughnut
  4. Mini Hot Dog
  5. Mini Sausage rolls
  6. Mini meat pie x 1
  7. Kraft Plate, with napkin and spoon

Our kids party box was created with them in mind, They will absolutely love our rainbow jelly, mini doughnuts, hot dogs and pies and sausage rolls, they can wash it all down with delivered cold, golden circle fruit drinks.

Try our kids party box for your next kids birthday party, we are sure you will be thanked. Minimum order 20 Pieces.

We offer a secretion of doughnuts, with vanilla strawberry and chocolate doughnuts to make sure everyone is happy. Our rainbow jelly cups have 4 different layers for a fun way to eat jelly. The juices offered are based on availability, we usually give two options for these too.


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