Mixed BBQ Skewers (30 pieces)


ANZAC BBQ Skewers – one of ours popular selections. Try these delicious Tasty Chicken, marinated spicy lamb and beef BBQ skewers, served with a Tzatziki dipping sauce. Serving recommended 2 per person. Platter includes 30 pieces for full detail scroll down
ANZAC BBQ Skewers are created with love and attention, It’s all about quality ingredients and fresh zingy flavours. They are delicious and authentic in flavour. A couple of these with one of our fresh salads on the side is an ideal accompaniment.
We have a large selection of finger food available to help you at your next event. These platters are designed to make entertaining easy. Its great for a meeting where the guests will be standing. These finger foods are easy to enjoy without the fuss or mess.
What simpler way to celebrate with friends than with small dishes and finger food? Many of these finger foods can be served as meal on their own. Have a look at our great range of finger food items. There are some great ideas for a variety of finger foods and easy snacks. If you are after something a little more substantial, look at our collection of other menu items.
We have created this finger food menu with you in mind, easy to eat menu items. Great addition to any lunch or tea, or even nice as stand alone items. The flavours and options are sure to keep you and your guests well fed.


Finger food platter – ANZAC BBQ Skewers (30 pieces)
Finger food platter – gourmet skewers are marinated overnight. Skewered alternately with red onion and pepper and then grilled to perfection.

Honey Soy Chicken Skewers x 10
Cumin Spiced lamb skewers x 10
Ginger Hoisin Beef skewers x 10



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