Quinoa Salad, Grilled Asparagus & Feta (2 sizes available)(V/GF)


Low in fat and high in flavour, this quinoa salad is great for both lunch and dinner. Quinoa is rich in a number of minerals, vitamins, fats and proteins. It can be a complete meal and enhance the dietary portion of your diet. Add quinoa to your order and feel better.

Large Salad comes with serving tongs.

Our Large salads come in Rectangular Foil Trays

Size 32.4L x 26.4W x 6.5H cm

Our Individual Salads come in our Kraft Bowls

Size 750ml

Health Benefits of Quinoa

1. Higher in protein — its protein balance is alike to milk and has more protein contrasted to rice, millet or wheat.

2. A good resource of riboflavin — riboflavin helps decrease the frequency attacks in migraine sufferers by boosting the energy metabolism within the muscle cells and brain.

3. The saponins from quinoa are utilized to help healing of skin injuries in South America, which makes it a good sterile.

4. Its alkaline-forming. Although it is not powerfully alkaline-forming, it is similar to wild rice, amaranth, and shoot out grains.

5. It simply has 172 calories per ¼ cup dry quinoa.

6. Since it is not associated to wheat or grain, it’s gluten-free. Millions of people are discovering they feel recovered and lose weight when they decrease gluten grains or at least wheat products.

7. It is a multifaceted carbohydrate with little glycemic index. This is again good for weight administration.


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Individual Salad (750ml), Share salad (feeds 8-10)


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