Spicy Wild Salmon Poke Bowls – 500ml (min 6 to order)




Spicy Wild Salmon Poke Bowls – 500ml Bowls (min 6 to order) Salmon poke bowl is filled with fresh ingredients to compliment the marinated Salmon

Marinated Edamame, White rice, carrot, Pickled Red Onion, Seaweed Salad, Grilled Corn,  and topped off with sesame seeds & soy sauce (df) (6)

Served with Sirracha Mayonnaise to drizzle on top for extra spice, let us know if you don’t require this.

Delivered cold, 6 x 500ml bowl

Celebrate with these irresistible spicy salmon poke bowls! Healthy protein infused with Japanese inspire flavours for a delicious gourmet meal. We made this spicy salmon poke bowls using the highest quality fish from Hook Line and Sinker. Fresh Wild Salmon is one of our favourite pokes. We make it with a little spice, tang, sweetness and a whole lot of incredible seafood. Order now for an amazing gourmet meal delivered fresh.

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